Willoughby Museum


Boronia is a Federation style brick cottage built in 1913 and located in the South Chatswood Conservation Area. Bequeathed to the Society in 1988, the cottage has operated as a museum since 1993. Willoughby Museum focuses on four core themes that shaped the local history:

  •     Willoughby’s iconic industries and working lives;
  •     Towns, suburbs and villages (the factors that shaped local patterns of urban development);
  •     Domestic life in the Willoughby household; and
  •     The influences of migrants on Willoughby’s economy and social life

The museums permanent displays cover Mashman pottery, tanneries, tradesmen’s hand-tools and domestic activities, including a 1930s kitchen. Special exhibitions cover other themes, such as transport, food production, processing and marketing, prominent individuals and families, creating endeavour and education.