Hardy Brothers Chatswood

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Hardy Brothers Jewellers have fuelled and fulfilled jewellery desires for generations, creating and selling amazing jewellery, timepieces and homewares for almost 160 years.

Australia’s premier premium jeweller, Hardy Brothers is renowned for producing top quality jewellery and bespoke designs, producing many of the country’s most remarkable and desirable collections, as well as the Melbourne Cup.  Hardy Brothers is also the only Australian jeweller to hold the Royal Warrant.

With a rich history spanning back to 1853, Hardy Brothers is Australia’s most established jeweller. Over the years the jewellers and designers of the company have been recognised on both national and international stages for outstanding creations, with CEO Stuart Bishop receiving the 1997 DeBeers Supreme Design Award for a unique ring creation, and a number of accolades in The Diamond Guild of Australia Awards in recent years.

Hardy Brothers has built its name on outstanding craftsmanship and service, and is proud to produce many exclusive designs and collections in the Brisbane-based workshop, which is a major element of the company Head Office. Each piece created by and for Hardy Brothers is meticulously evaluated at each step in the design process, to ensure that the final article is of the highest standard and made of the best diamonds, precious gems and metals available.

In addition to Hardy Brothers own exclusive creations, the product and design team work with internationally renowned designers and jewellers on collaborative collections to bring the best of both sides of the jewellery world to the Australian market.

With a locally operated service workshop Hardy Brothers also has the unique ability to service clients with bespoke jewellery designs plus watch service and repairs, all whilst maintaining the brand’s unparalleled standards.