Guest Blogger Guidelines

We welcome guest blogs that adhere to our guidelines.  All blogs will be approved prior to being published.  Blog are the views of the bloggers and not that of Willoughby City Council.

1.    Blogs must cover an aspect of Chatswood such as shopping, dining, business or entertainment.
2.    All work/writing must be the original work of the blogger and not copied from another source, or republished without permission.
3.    If an image is included in the blog, the blogger must have the rights to publish the photo and permission from any people included in the image. If the image needs to be credited, the blogger must provide this information.
4.    Blogs must not contain any defamatory comments about an individual, service or retailer.
5.    Blogs must not give favouritism to a particular brand or service.  It is understood that blogs may review the offerings of a particular retailer/ service, however they cannot be direct advertising produced by the business.
6.    The aim of the blogs is to provide objective information on Chatswood/Willoughby for the reader, and entice people to visit the area.
7.    Blogs can use links to other websites if they are appropriate and add value to the blog.
8.    Willoughby City Council reserves the right to remove or not publish blogs that are inappropriate and not in the best interests of the community.

Criteria for commenters

We welcome your feedback on our blogs.  We just ask that your comments are appropriate, original, not defamatory or advertising material.  Any inappropriate comments will be removed from the site.