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  • Family Fun at Vivid Sydney at Chatswood

    8 Jun 2017

    Vivid Sydney at Chatswood’s special family friendly offerings

  • Dining at Vivid Sydney at Chatswood

    7 Jun 2017

    Visitors to Vivid Sydney at Chatswood will be spoilt for choice with a range of dining options available to fuel up for their journey

  • Family Day Out with Vivid Sydney at Chatswood

    8 Jun 2016

    This weekend is your last chance to experience Vivid Sydney at Chatswood, ending 13 June

  • Stay and Play – Chatswood Dining

    25 May 2016

    Chatswood offers a fantastic selection of dining options when you visit during Vivid Sydney

  • North Shore resident to turn on the lights!

    18 May 2016

    North Shore resident Michael Moor has been named as the lucky winner of Willoughby Council’s Lights On competition

  • Vivid Sydney at Chatswood - Run on GreenPower

    15 May 2015

    The Chatswood precinct will be transformed with LED lights, fibre optic tentacles and light sculptures run completely on GreenPower.

  • Vivid Sydney at Chatswood - What lies beneath Chatswood Mall?

    15 May 2015

    Vivid Sydney at Chatswood celebrates the beauty of our precious marine and coastal environments.

  • Vivid Sydney at Chatswood - Working Towards Zero Waste

    15 May 2015

    To help reduce the impact of human waste on our environment, Willoughby City Council is actively working towards zero waste.

  • The District at Chatswood Interchange

    27 Mar 2015

    The much anticipated, world-class dining precinct, The District, will open from on Saturday, 28 March at Chatswood Interchange.

  • Marukame Udon - DK & Yvn

    3 Dec 2014

    Marukame Udon is based on the same premise as Mappen in the city – choose from the range of udon bases with soup or dipping sauces, then add whatever fried goodies takes your fancy.

  • Khao Pla - Michael Shen

    21 Nov 2014

    Can you really be a Sydneysider if you haven’t experienced its Asian side? I thoroughly dig this city’s multiculturalism groove.

  • Pamana - Amanda @ Gourmanda

    21 Nov 2014

    Pamana opened up in Chatswood about two months ago and does a steady, if not booming trade.

  • Grill'd Burger - Timothy Huang - Live Life Sydney

    6 Nov 2014

    Grill'd Chatswood is a good place for a quick bite. It promotes healthy eating and supports local charities/community. Together with their great tasting burgers it's easy to see why it's so popular.

  • PappaRich - DK & Yvn - Excuse Me Waiter!

    17 Oct 2014

    PappaRich is the newest contender for the most popular Malaysian restaurant in town. The chain hails from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and opened up outlets in Victoria before heading up to Sydney.

  • Street Style: Spring Racing 2014

    17 Oct 2014

    From Derby Day’s monochrome to Melbourne Cup’s explosion of colour, Spring Racing Carnival is one of the biggest fashion events on the calendar.

  • Elbow Room Espresso - Mademoiselle Délicieuse

    7 Jul 2014

    Oh my god, hang on to your lens-less glasses frames people – Chatswood’s gone hipster!

  • The latest hair trends from the catwalk to the sidewalk

    20 Mar 2014

    Not every hairstyle on the runway becomes a trend. Hairstyles will always come down to a number of things – hair type, length, face shape and personal preference – but that doesn’t mean we can’t look to the fashion world for inspiration and new ideas.

  • AW14 trend: Boudoir

    19 Mar 2014

    The Westfield Insider: Take a walk around your local Westfield centre and you’ll notice a new crop of trends have hit the stores for the AW14 season.

  • Westfield Exclusives Collection AW14: Colette by Colette Hayman Bag - Alyce Cowell

    15 Mar 2014

    The Westfield Insider: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: a leopard print bag is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe!

  • Westfield Exclusives Collection AW14: Witchery Dress & Cardigan- Alyce Cowell the Westfield Insider

    13 Mar 2014

    The Westfield Insider: Neutral tones aren’t just a summer trend – they’ll continue to be one of the hottest colour palettes right through winter and spring this year.

  • Gelateria Gondola - Mademoiselle Délicieuse

    21 Feb 2014

    A taste of Venice in Chatswood

  • ACCC warns small business as Yellow Pages directory scam strikes again

    9 Sep 2013

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is warning small business operators to watch out for a business directory scam.

  • Japan City Eat Street, Chatswood - DK & Yvn

    3 Sep 2013

    The other day I walked past Japan City and realised something was different; the Asian homewares retail outlet now has expanded into food too with ‘Eat Street’, a mini food court featuring various Japanese delicacies. It’s nice to know that some retail outlets (eg. IKEA) are differentiating themselves by including a culinary experience as part of the shopping experience and I thought I’d check it

  • Star Capital Seafood Restaurant - Sarah Shimmy

    12 Aug 2013

    At the end of July I found myself casually strolling through Chatswood. To my delight I came across a brand spanking new Cantonese restaurant called Star Capital Seafood Restaurant.

  • Rockstar treatment! NSW Drs Orchestra Concert at The Concourse, Chatswood - Andrew Kennedy

    11 Jun 2013

    As a performer I was pleased and impressed with the acoustics, the decor, the access, the lighting, and design, so many things about the Concert Hall.

  • Live art invades Chatswood - Chris Rodley

    6 Jun 2013

    It’s just a few days to go until the launch of The Portals on Saturday 8 June. I thought I’d share the latest news from a few of the other artists working on projects for the exhibition.

  • Is Workplace Health and Safety part of your company culture? Michelle Farrar-Eagles

    3 Jun 2013

    Many businesses either turn a blind eye to WHS (Workplace Health & Safety) usually sadly until an accident occurs or believe by meeting once a month they are ticking the compliance box

  • Getting to know the digital hive mind - Chris Rodley

    30 May 2013

    Over the past few weeks, artist Andrew Burrell and I have been busy finishing our networked art and e-literature collaboration for The Portals program, which will be opening at The Concourse in Chatswood on 8 June.

  • When was the last time you went to The Chase? Michelle Farrar-Eagles

    29 May 2013

    If you haven’t been to The Chase lately, I suggest you pop a date in your diary. That’s exactly what I did last week. I scheduled some rare “me” time to go and have a lunch date with mum.

  • Gershwin and Me. Virtuoso pianist Simon Tedeschi at the Chatswood Concourse - Janne Seletto

    23 May 2013

    Simon Tedeschi and George Gershwin. They are centuries and continents apart, but their stories align. And musically, they're a team. The dream team played The Concourse Concert Hall last week.

  • NSW Drs Orchestra Concert at The Concourse, Chatswood - Andrew Kennedy

    22 May 2013

    There was something more new than usual for me to experience, my first orchestral world premiere!

  • How to make art that people look at for more than 5 seconds - Chris Rodley

    20 May 2013

    How long do you look at a work of art for? One survey at London’s Tate Britain gallery found that visitors spent as little as 5 seconds with each contemporary artwork.

  • Highlights of a Decade

    15 May 2013

    Medicos swapped their scalpels for strings and bows, their journals for musical scores, and their ward rounds for rehearsals on Saturday

  • Enter the Portals: a new public art project comes to Chatswood - Chris Rodley

    13 May 2013

    In June, Chatswood will be home to its own public art project called The Portals, which I’m excited to be involved in as one of the creators.

  • French Kiss - An Australian in Paris @ The Concourse, Chatswood - Janne Seletto

    22 Apr 2013

    Viva la Flute! Jane Rutter recreates her musical coming of age as a teenager in Paris.

  • International Women's Day - Michelle Farrar-Eagles

    8 Mar 2013

    What a day to finish the week on and more amazingly what a great group of women to have all in one room!

  • Small Business Guide to Using Social Media

    21 Feb 2013

    Did you know you can be liable for misleading or false comments posted by fans / followers / customers on your business' Facebook page?

  • New Shanghai, Chatswood (Lemon Grove) - DK & Yvn

    3 Dec 2012

    A colleague of mine is relatively new to the North/Western suburbs of Sydney and wanted to know some good restaurants to go to. I suggested Shanghainese cuisine, to which she responded that she had a very unpleasant time eating that cuisine in the past. She wasn’t sure what to order and didn’t order any dumplings! So I convinced her to give Shanghainese cuisine another go and to let us introduce s

  • Grill'd Chatswood - Dk & Yvn

    20 Nov 2012

    I remember 2 years ago I went on a holiday to Melbourne and had the best burger I had ever eaten from Grill’d. It was then that I decided to bring this franchise to Sydney if I ever flunked uni. (Un)fortunately 6 months later, stores started popping up all over Sydney (someone beat me to it!) but this meant I could eat it without having to open my own store.

  • Luxe Concept Salon - Michelle Farrar-Eagles

    16 Nov 2012

    It’s been a while since my last blog, thanks to a lovely little bug called Pneumonia that decided to take residency in my chest…..and finally as I bid it farewell… Ahh – finally some me time….

  • Ben & Jerry's, Chatswood - DK & Yvn

    14 Nov 2012

    Ice cream has got to be one of the world’s best inventions ever. It is delicious all year round, it can be manipulated into practically any flavour and it even sees us through some of the highest and lowest points of our life. This post is about peace, love and ice cream. Yum!

  • Chatswood BBQ King, Victoria Ave - Pet

    13 Nov 2012

    One of the best Cantonese style BBQ joints in Sydney at a fair price.

  • Good Thai, Chatswood - DK & Yvn

    12 Nov 2012

    The Chatswood Library area has been revamped and it is now a modern sandstone paved precinct with several new sleek restaurant offerings such as Good Thai which is located at the street level entrance next to the stairs off Victoria Avenue. We’re happy to say that the food lives up to the name...

  • Mamak, Chatswood - TFP

    8 Nov 2012

    In Sydney, Mamak’s queues are as famous as its roti, expertly rolled, flipped, stretched and folded, teasing and taunting as you watch through the window while your hunger grows and you wish you’d arrived much, much earlier. A zooshed-up fluffy ball, crisp witch’s hat and buttery snail… you can have it all plus more, but only after a wait.

  • Chocolate Fix at San Churro - Mei Yee

    5 Nov 2012

    Ever since arriving in Sydney, I’ve always wanted to try churros, simply because I’m a fan of fried pastries and chocolate. Last weekend, while shopping in Chatswood, we spotted Chocolateria San Churro and decided that we should pop in for a snack.

  • The Rice Den, Chatswood - DK & Yvn

    5 Nov 2012

    Upon a recent gloomy rainy week in Sydney, we decided to plan our end of year Europe trip (early 2012 should hold Europe posts) and what better way to kickstart that than to discuss it over lunch! The choice of today was The Rice Den in Chatswood, a place I had been to previously and was so impressed by that we needed to visit again to review it.

  • Latin Junction Chatswood - Ben Gibbs

    31 Oct 2012

    I like to think of myself as a man with the moves. When it comes to dance-floor action, I need no encouragement to bust out my Aussie two-step on the odd occasion. But despite my conviction that I am brilliant at everything, my better half has been watching So You Think You Can Dance recently and before I knew it, there we were at Latin Junction’s studios feeling outsmarted as I watched the suave

  • 11Eleven Project Film - Danielle Lauren

    29 Oct 2012

    In a world where technology is bringing us all closer together, why does it feel in so many ways we are becoming more and more distant? No one on the train makes eye contact, people sit across from friends in silence glued to their iPhones, Facebook friends are ample, but there’s no one to hang out with on a Saturday night. We all seem to be able to define online community – but what about real

  • New shanghai Chatswood Chase - Vivian

    26 Oct 2012

    Throughout the years, I’ve travelled to at least 70% of the provinces etc. in China where I’ve had meals that were fit for a King/Emperor (can’t say I enjoyed it though) and street food meals (not recommended for those who haven’t had their tetanus shots) that were cheap as chips. Chinese blood runs through my veins and whilst I may not be the most ‘Chinese-proud’ person, lately I find myself conf

  • Chase Oyster Bar: Modern Italian & French and Oysters, Chatswood - Simon Leong

    18 Oct 2012

    More than just an oyster bar The restaurant is located amongst the Chatswood Chase food court and you’d been totally forgiven for thinking it only served oysters — my family and I certainly thought so due to its name.

  • New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, Chatswood Chase - Lola

    18 Oct 2012

    Growing up in Shanghai has rewarded me with many lovely food memories so Shanghainese cuisine will always hold a special place in my heart despite my general impartialness to Chinese food. I was invited to sample the wine and dumpling degustation dinner at New Shanghai so who better to bring along than my family? It was interesting for us to see this modern presentation of the familiar dishes I re

  • How to tie a head scarf - Michelle Farrar-Eagles

    3 Oct 2012

    I’ve often been asked how to tie a headscarf, so as promised last week here are a few guidelines on how to tie one version of headscarf. Now of course, you will be using the beautiful d-lux scarves - large enough to support your luscious locks, if not I’ll forgive you, but you just might want to invest in one!

  • Chatswood comes alive at the Annual Spring Festival - Michelle Farrar-Eagles

    16 Sep 2012

    Chatswood came alive on Saturday to celebrate the multicultural society it is with over 120,000 people celebrating the annual street fair on Saturday 15th September!