Chatswood from the air

Chatswood, the business centre of the North Shore is renowned as a prominent Australian shopping destination, and is home to national and international headquarters.
The City is located 8.5 kilometres north of the Sydney CBD and is the transport hub of the region, easily accessible by public transport.

The commercial core of Chatswood is centred around Victoria Avenue and spreads north and south of the Chatswood Transport Interchange.

Being Sydney’s third largest CBD, Chatswood is a feature of Sydney’s global arc, with more than 310,000 square metres of office space.

Chatswood is well renowned as one of Australia’s top retail destinations with more than 200,000 square metres of retail space in the two major shopping complexes, Chatswood Chase and Westfield Chatswood, and surrounding mall and street shopping.

The shopping district attracts more than 20 million shoppers annually. Fast becoming a 24 hour city, Chatswood is also equipped with bars, hotels, restaurants and cafes.