Everyday Dignity AND Where It Shines

Open Hours:

Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5pm

Two concurrent photographic exhibitions by David Cubby and Grace Sui which reflect the cultural exchange between Australia and China

David Cubby’s photographs feature ordinary people from all corners of China, and document the recent historical shift of people migrating from the village to the metropolis. Photographing through a time of hyper-rapid industrialisation that shapes modern China, the photographed, photographer and viewer are drawn into a zone of inquiry concerning everyday people, those left in villages and those working feverishly around the edge and within the metropolis. Surveillance is intervention. Photographing is not for practitioners to intervene in community, but to approach people observantly with kindness and equanimity, being at home in unfamiliar places. Ultimately, it is being at ease with amazing people living out their modernity in dignity whilst maintaining tradition as an enormous resource.

Street photographer Grace Sui is fascinated by the brilliant natural light of Sydney; its bright sunlight and contrasting strong shadows. Light and shadow become a starting point for her photographic compositions, capturing the everyday life that passes through. Inspired by early morning light whilst jogging, Grace Sui began to savour the memory of this experience through photography. As a routine commuter, she started photographing people around her, on the bus, train or platform, on the way to or from work, one place to another. It gradually became her way of storytelling, witnessed in pictures rather than coded with words.

Image: David Cubby, 100 Year old lady in a 400 year old hakka village, Fujian Mountains, China PR, 2003, photograph

Email: Cassandra.Hard-Lawrie@Willoughby.nsw.gov.au