Human in the Wire - POSTPONED

Exhibition postponed. New dates to be advised.

Open Hours:

Wednesday to Sunday, 11am  8pm

Human in the Wire is a contemporary art exhibition which explores the notion of how ‘the human’ is embedded or contained within technology. It looks at how our bodies and personal identities may activate technology, be absorbed by it, or subsumed within it. The exhibition includes artworks from Australian based artists who are working creatively with new technologies, exploring figurative art within technology, and how the body can be immersed in technology. By examining how artists are interpreting the impact on one’s identity when humans manipulate technology via their body (either willingly or unwillingly), this exhibition seeks to go beyond the singular idea of the automated robot, and looks at the various modes of automation, mechanisation and technologisation of the human itself through the use of technology.

The exhibition provides visitors with an opportunity to interact directly with the displays, encouraging them to examine the evolving nature of humanity. Including immersive Visual Reality installations, abstracted video and digital artworks by artists such as Susannah Langley, Kenneth Lambert and Miguel Olmo, this exhibition explores art within the technological realm in a multitude of ways. Investigating ideas surrounding identity and the role of humans in a technologically driven contemporary world, these artists urge audiences to reflect upon the self and our relationship to the natural world.

Image: Kenneth Lambert, I Prayed to Allay my Anxiety, 2019, video still