Photography Exhibition: National Bird Week, Locally Made

Willoughby has over 150 bird species, some, such as the Eastern Koel that has just arrived with Spring, come to breed in our area at this time of year. Others reside permanently in local bushland, parks and backyards where they are able to find food resources and living spaces and are hopefully able to find places to breed and bring up their young safely. This is a celebration of these interesting and beautiful animals.

Capturing images of birds can take considerable skill, patience and perhaps an element of luck and for these images to be good is even harder. We have a lovely selection of images to share with you of some of the 'locally made' bird species.

The images have been provided by local photographers and bird watchers and include contributions by Rick Evans, Meredith Foley, Ian and David Lynch, Brian Menzies and Ronwyn North.

You can also enjoy a selection of artwork on local bird species from the Wildlife Storybook Competition series.

These works have been created by Year 5 students from schools across Willoughby over the past 8 years and display some of the great talent of emerging generations and their love and appreciation of nature.