People & Places

A solo exhibition of figures in the urban landscape by Tony Manning. 
25 September - 6 October 2019

Opening Event:
Saturday 28 September, 2pm – 4pm

Opening Hours: 
Daily, 10am – 5pm (Extended Hours)

Tony Manning presents paintings that explore the human condition, examining the interaction of the figure in the environment and city life. Some paintings tackle the natural world but it is more at the margins where the built environment on the edge of town meets the denuded landscape. The figures strike a somewhat alienated pose, awkward gestures, they are ephemeral, glimpses of memory brought to paint. The figures are often obscured or wearing protective clothing which adds a layer of meaning and draws the viewer into their world. There is a subtext of danger, survival and protection from the elements.

Tony’s art practice takes images from his travels and the day to day news cycle and uses paint to add a new personal meaning that transcends the original image. This creates another world that sits parallel to the world we all know. 

Image: Tony Manning, Pond, 2017, oil on canvas

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