Made In Berlin

An exhibition of graphic prints, paintings and mixed-media works by Graham Blondel. 

Opening Event:
Saturday 14 September, 2pm – 4pm
TBC guest speaker

Opening Hours: 
Wednesday– Friday, 10:30am – 5pm (Extended hours)
Saturday and Sunday,10:30am – 4pm (Extended hours)

An exhibition of graphic prints, paintings and mixed-media works depicting vivid extracts of street graffiti and popular culture, inspired by Graham Blondel’s working visit to Berlin. A city famous for its street graffiti and dynamic popular culture, multi-culturalism, museums and art galleries, Berlin retains its number one status as the centre of contemporary art in Europe. It is also a city with a complex history. Blondel found his experience of this city awe-inspiring and a revelation, Berlin’s layers of its cultural and political past providing a compelling source for his artworks. Despite the collaged, colourful and graphic appearance of the artworks, they can be read as images of universal cultural and political issues.

Image: Graham Blondel, Caught in the Act, 2018, mixed media on paper

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