Boundless Love for Home

An exhibition of Chinese ink paintings by Biao Zhu

Opening Event:
Saturday 6 July, 11am – 12pm

Opening Hours: 
Wednesday to Friday, 11am – 5pm 
Saturday to Sunday, 10am – 4pm 

Biao Zhu presents traditional Chinese ink paintings honouring his boundless love for home. Three distinct series of landscapes of his hometown and Sydney, his second home, are paired with an intimate view of still-life interiors showcasing the artist’s personal vintage lamp collections. The exhibition demonstrates the core values of classic Chinese painting and the power of ink painting in expressing the artist's boundless love for home. 

Opening Guest speakers:

  • Mrs. Helen Sham Ho, Former member of NSW legislative Council and the honorary chairman of Australian-China artists association
  • Mr.Yun Xu, Chairman of Australia-China artists association


Image: Biao Zhu, Childhood Life Under the Lamp Light, 2019, Chinese watercolour on rice paper