Opening Hours:
Daily, Monday to Sunday: 10am – 5pm

An exhibition of paintings by Kathy Liu and Natasha Junmanee.

For Kathy Liu and Natasha Junmanee, making art is a journey of self-discovery; they create artworks that capture their own personal view, responses and reflections of their surrounding world.

In this exhibition, Liu’s emphasis is on expressing sensory responses, feelings and emotions. Her portrait paintings capture moments that touch the artist’s heart; a sense of warmth running through the veins. Symbolism is employed in some works to invite viewers to search for what lies beneath the surface.

Junmanee has focused on realistic still life paintings. She carefully observes and applies her concentrated insight to seek the beauty and peace in everyday life. Standing in front of these paintings, the viewer may easily find themselves immersed in a world of tranquility.

Image credits: Kathy Liu, Winter Sunshine, 2017, oil on canvas

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