Landscape as the Shaping Force

Closed Friday 30 March
Open Easter Saturday, 31 March and Sunday, 1 April

An exhibition of ceramic sculpture and installation by Cathe Stack

The landscape and topography of the Sydney Harbour Basin, particularly Middle Harbour, has been a focus of Cathe Stack’s sculptural and ceramic practice for many years. Having grown up in Northbridge, Stack has a keen interest in the area’s sandstone escarpments, bush and littoral zones: how these terrains shape our culture and artefacts, how sensate connections are formed through our daydreaming mooching and physical interactions, and how such accumulative knowledge can affect our own interior landscapes.

For Stack, an Angophora Costata, Lucas’s Glass House and a jetty all share a physical and poetic language– a response a response to this landscape that echoes in her work.

Image Credit: Cathe Stack, I am a branch series #7, 2017, reduction fired ceramic, dry glazes and recycled kauri pine