RENCLUB Members' Exhibition 2017

Open hours: Sunday to Saturday, 11 am - 5pm

This exhibition will show many styles of Japanese writing from traditional to modern. Japanese calligraphy (‘sho’ in Japanese) attempts to bring words to life and endow them with character. Styles are highly individualistic differing from person to person.

Japanese calligraphy presents a problem for Westerners trying to understand it; the work is completed in a matter of seconds so the uninitiated cannot really appreciate the degree of difficulty involved. However one must bear in mind that the characters must be written only once. There is no altering, touching up, or adding to them afterwards.

Koto-Dama has been believed by the Japanese people since ancient times. The notion of Koto-Dama is that spoken (or written) words carry a spiritual power. Therefore when one says (writes) something positive, it will bring good fortune, and when one says (writes) something negative, it will bring bad fortune.

Image courtesy of Renclub.