Sustainable business

Our Local Environment

Vivid Sydney at Chatswood is a waste free event with all waste collected to be recovered and recycled by the UR-3R Facility. This will see waste products reused, recycled or turned into energy. The event will also be run on GreenPower.

As you walk through the incredible water world at Vivid Sydney at Chatswood, you may not notice the sustainability features of the precinct.

Chatswood Mall incorporates water sensitive urban design measures.  Rainwater runs off the hard surfaces and into the gardens. Special plants trap litter and pollutants and soak up some of the water. Excess water then flows through layers of gravel and sand removing fine pollutants from the water. The clean treated water then flows into the stormwater system.

Willoughby Council’s enormous solar farmlocated on top of Westfield's Albert Avenue Car Park, extends over 200 metres and incorporates 680 photovoltaic panels saving more than 250 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year.